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ZuluSCSI SD Adapter

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ZuluSCSI is a SCSI computer storage emulation platform, which speaks both SCSI-1 and SCSI-2. It uses file-based SCSI HDD & CD-ROM images, similar to RaSCSI and BlueSCSI. It represents a fusion of firmware and concepts from both SCSI2SD V6 and BlueSCSI. Hard drive and CD-ROM drive images are stored on a standard FAT32 or exFAT-formatted SD card.



  • Emulates up to 7 SCSI devices simultaneously, including CD-ROM
  • Speaks both SCSI-1 and SCSI-2
  • SCSI Termination is DIP-switch controlled
  • Firmware upgrade simplicity; As easy as placing a file on the SD card.
  • Highly configurable using a text-based ini file, azulscsi.ini
  • External LED pin header for attaching remote LEDs.
  • Designed to be powered via SCSI termination power, when provided by the host
  • Optional DB25 pin header for direct installation of an external SCSI connector, in addition to the Single-Ended 50 pin IDC connector
  • Identical dimensions and mounting holes as that of SCSI2SD V5.1, V5.2, and V6, making it compatible with many existing SCSI2SD-specific mounting solutions
  • 74LVTH125 SCSI bus transceivers, as used in SCSI2SD V5 and SCSI2SD V6 Rev F

Firmware structure

  • SCSI command implementations are from SCSI2SD
  • SCSI physical layer code is mostly custom, with some inspiration from BlueSCSI
  • Image file access is derived from BlueSCSI

Major changes from BlueSCSI and SCSI2SD

  • Separation of platform-specific functionality to separate directory to ease porting
  • Ported to the GigaDevice GD32F205 ARM Cortex processor
  • Removal of Arduino core dependency
  • Buffered log functions
  • Simultaneous transfer between SD card and SCSI bus for improved performance

Origins and License

Firmware origins

The ZuluSCSI firmware is derived from two sources, both under GPL 3 license:


The ZuluSCSI V1.0 and V1.1 hardware designs are derived from the SCSI2SD V5.1 hardware design.