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Rainbow Floppy Disk Labels (6 pack)


Rainbow Floppy Disk Labels (6 pack)
Renew your old disk labels with these brand new colourful labels.
Each disk label pack has six colours for indexing your floppy disk collection:
Blue (x1)
Red (x1)
Black (x1)
Green (x1)
Orange (x1)
Purple (x1)
Each disk label is easy to peel and stick to the floppy disk. They are also easy to write on with space provided on the front. The disk labels cover the entire disk including spine and section at the rear with WRITE / PROTECT markings.
We also stock a 24 pack of this product available here.
This product is exclusive to Amiga Kit, supplied under licence. Floppy disks shown for illustration purposes only and are not included with the labels.

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