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Lyra 3 for Amiga 1200


Lyra 3 replaces the older versions of Lyra. It addresses numerous suggestions made by customers during past few years. This internal version for the A1200 is plugged over the keyboard controller chip and comes with a backplate-mountable connector for the PS2 keyboard that allows installation in a tower case.
Lyra 3 is compatible with all PS/2 keyboards and USB keyboards that support the PS/2 protocol (these are easily identified by the adapter that's shipped with the keyboard). Lyra 3 is also perfect for use with a KVM switch.
Lyra 3 lets you use a PC keyboard as an Amiga keyboard. While the older Lyra versions only had the choice of two keymaps, Lyra 3 lets you do distinct changes to the keymap for certain keys, giving you lots of options that would require a lot of different keymaps, but also a lot of jumpers. Lyra 3 makes it s lot simpler, as it does not use any jumpers. All configuration data is stored in flash memory of the adapter.
If the PC keyboard of your choice has additional keys (so-called "multimedia keys"), these can also be used with this product: Lyra 3 supports the "stealth protocol", which was invented by Guido Mersmann. It transfers all key codes of the multimedia key set in a manner that does not interfere with normal software. If Guido Mersmann's "MMkeyboard" driver is installed, you can assign functions to all the multimedia keys of your keyboard.
The cherry on the cake is Lyra 3's feature to support a full-custom keyboard mapping. Thomas Richter's Lyra3Tool (available as free download) allows you to change the mapping not just for selected keys, but for all keys of the keyboard, including multimedia keys.
Configuring Lyra 3 is done without drivers, just by hitting the right key combinations. All configuration data is saved in non-volatile memory, so Lyra 3 will remember it even if you switch off power of your Amiga. The magic key combination that lets you enter configuration mode is L-Shift+Pause. This means that you press and hold the left shift key, and while holding it, you press the Pause key. Lyra 3 acknowledges configuration mode by flashing the NumLock LED. You now have the chance to toggle a few options, to display the current configuration or to leave configuration mode.
Lyra 3 for the A1200 comes with short installation instructions in English and German.
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