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ACA 1233n 40MHz 128MB accelerator

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ACA 1233n 40Mhz Accelerator with 128MB RAM
Speed up your Amiga 1200 and give it extra memory with this new accelerator.
The ACA1233n comes with a number of improvements over the predecessor ACA1233. Although clocked at the same speed, performance has been improved in almost every aspect.
The ACA1233 boards have much faster memory performance than any other accelerator before - especially with cache and burst enabled. That's because the burst sequence is the fastest-possible sequence that the 68030 can perform: It's a sequence of four 32-bit transfers in four CPU cycles, which has not been shown before we first introduced the ACA1230 in 2010. The result is outstanding performance, even in comparison with other 68030-based accelerators at higher clock rates.
For Amiga 1200 and Amiga 500 with ACA 500
Full 68030 with MMU running at 40MHz
127MB Fast Memory (32-bit) with burstmode support
1MB reserved for MapROM feature
Dynamic clocking for power-saving
card enable/disable in software
memory available to onboard CPU if accelerator is switched off (not ACA 500)
faster clockport for RapidRoad gives 55% speed increase
new software compatibility settings
improved A1200 compatibility
PCMCIA compatible
Optional Real Time Clock module (available separately from us)

ACA Tune Floppy DiskACATune utility is software used to configure features on the accelerator. It can either be downloaded for free or we can supply it on a floppy disk if you select it in the configuration options below.

Real Time Clock ModuleReal Time Clock Module add-on can optionally be added to this accelerator. It enables your Amiga to "remember" the time and date even when it is powered down.

Please note: Picture used with permission from Individual Computers GmbH. Your A1200 motherboard revision may require timing fixes.